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Voodoo Mystery Tour by Monique Jacob (Ebook)

Voodoo Mystery Tour by Monique Jacob (Ebook)

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When celebrated journalist Tobias Greer spends a summer in Cricket Lake to write his memoirs, he reveals a secret that may tarnish his heroic image. He’s determined to bare all, but his presence may distract Phineas Marshal’s vigilant watch over the dark force that haunts the tiny community. Mabel Berkeley believes that good intentions can conquer any evil. Her plan is to fight magic with magic. Voodoo isn’t the only tool in her bag of tricks but it’s her current favourite. Voodoo Mystery Tour is a tale of small-town quirkiness, unsung heroes and dark mystery. Drop into Voodoo Café for a cup of tea and a psychic reading. Book a night at the Couch & Cot. Stay for the Mystery Tour weekend retreat.


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Also available in softcover.

Monique Jacob (Standard Copyright Licence)
First eBook Edition
May 27, 2018
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