Collection: Sébastien Streit

Sébastien Streit passionately pursues many creative outlets in his spare time. Poetry is a form of expression which he has become quite attached to. As a cathartic release, it has helped him through the plethora of emotions a person confronts on a daily basis. Having always loved playing with words, it is only natural that he finds himself writing in verse. He believes there are many ways to enjoy a poem. Reading it silently in one's head, reading it aloud, and, best of all, having someone else read it aloud. Sébastien hopes everyone can gain something from reading his work and encourages any sort of feedback. Dancing With Fire (2023) is his second book of poetry. A Place for the Broken (2022) was his first book. His short story, Pulling Weeds, appears in The Platinum Collection  (2023)