Collection: P.N. Holland

Raised in Victoria, BC, Canada, P.N. Holland (Neil) writes in memory of his wife, Kris. He has two children, five grandchildren and two dogs. Neil has taught for over 30 years in Public Schools in British Columbia and holds an M.Ed from the University of Victoria with a major in English.  His writing is fast-paced, and his stories are page-turners. Neil also likes to visit schools where he shares his insights on reading and writing with students and teachers alike. Neil is currently working on another trilogy called Vahldohr (Melissadohra is Book One), a collection of short stories and a detective series.

 The Saxe Point Park Mystery is the first book in The Vancouver Island Mysteries Series.  Neil has written a Teacher’s Study Guide, which is being used to teach the novel.  He is proud of the fact that his book is helping kids improve their reading and writing skills. It, and the other books in the series, The Lost Boys of Lampson and The E&N Escape are all magical mysteries with settings close to home.  Neil’s books are available in softcover and ebook versions at libraries, bookstores and online.   Contact  

Neil's short story, The Wishbinder, appears in The Platinum Collection (2023)

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