Collection: K.B. Horricks-King

K.B. Horricks-King appears to be a borderline nutcase who writes to exercise her demons, because drowning them didn’t work (and neither did exorcism). "If you can't get rid of them, run with them" as she has said when she thinks no one is paying attention. She has the potential to do something good for the world, however, that part isn’t guaranteed. Upon awakening most days she believes humans suck, deserve themselves and aren't worth saving. After many cups of coffee, the good stuff that doesn’t taste like sewage water, that assessment doesn't change much. She writes, paints, wrangles her daughter, dotes on her father, loves most of the rest of her family while not talking to them all that often and tries to get her two cats to like her. No luck there, yet. An avid gardener, plants seem to like her. K.B. is a contributor to the "Anthology for a Green Planet" (2014). "Alone" (Fantasy,Fiction, 2016) is her first novel.