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The Platinum Collection by Filidh Publishing Authors

The Platinum Collection by Filidh Publishing Authors

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The Platinum Collection is an Anthology celebrating 20 years of working with talented and dedicated authors. We curated a diverse and inclusive group of short stories, essays and poetry that offered a fresh perspective on one or more aspects: genre, plot or topic, characters, culture or traditions, or the author’s life experience. We know you will enjoy the work of: Allan Jefferson Reid, Daphne Matiza, Mademoiselle Noir, Melissa Moose, Monique Jacob, P. Neil Holland Sara Ashton, Sebastien Streit, S. M. Perkins Carr, Srijani Rupsha Mitra, Terry Groves, Yana Spencer

We begin this collection with poetic voices from the United Kingdom, India, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Zimbabwe. Sharing cultural diversity yet common themes and a sense of oneness within those struggles. The verse is endearing and thought-provoking. Next, we have some excellent short stories from Canada and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with diverse themes pulling visions of several countries far away and in-depth imagery of war, addiction, and trauma on an insightful and compassionate platter. You will be disturbed and filled with empathy. You will find yourself wondering and caring about the people you have encountered in these stories. We hope you will be forever changed by the interaction with the work of these fantastic authors. Following that, you will find information regarding, the charity that will receive all royalty proceeds from purchases of this book...

ISBN 978-1-927848-98-2   Soft cover.

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