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The Lost Boys of Lampson by P.N. Holland

The Lost Boys of Lampson by P.N. Holland

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Billy's grade 7 year is not at all what he expected. Lampson School is not the same. It is cold and unwelcoming. Worse than that, there is something weird going on—a dark figure in a window, crows attacking him and his best friend Ricky, a strange girl, Amy, who looks like she belongs in the past, and his nemesis, Andrew is picking a fight with him. It doesn’t seem to matter what he does; the school is out to get him, but why?
It’s not until the dark figure tries to kill him that he realizes he has to solve the mystery of the missing boys to understand why he is a target. With Amy’s help, he might be able to figure it out and stop the evil entity, but with Ricky not wanting to include her and his own self-doubts keeping him from acting, the evil may have already won. The Vancouver Island Mysteries Series, Volume 2.
Revision of original cover by Danny Weeds.
Original Front cover design by Celairen

FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth
FICTION / Science Fiction / Time Travel
time travel, dealing with bullies, YA, magic
Young Adult - Teen fiction and nonfiction, age range 12-20,

ISBN 978-1-927848-76-0
Published July 24, 2023
Book, 135 Pages
Print Book: Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm), Standard Black & White, 60# White, Paperback, Glossy Cover

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