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The Cracks in my Soul by Shannon McEwen (Ebook)

The Cracks in my Soul by Shannon McEwen (Ebook)

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Open this book and read between the lines. Slip between the pages and enter my mind. Even I'm not sure what you'll find. In every poem, I have place an infinitesimal piece of my soul. I see everything in words. From every sight, every emotion, every experience. Words fill me, sing to me, console me and move me forward. My words may take you into the darkness where ominous things await, but before long they will sweep you in the shadows, to contemplate the meaning of it all. then when you are at a crossroads, soft light may break through to embrace you. The journey is up to you. After you've read, you'll breathe just a little sigh that you're at the end. but beware, my friend, words have a way of soaking in and hanging on. So enter if you dare...


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Also available in softcover.

Shannon McEwen (Standard Copyright Licence)
First Edition, Ebook
June 8, 2016
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