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Star Bright by Sheila Tracy (Ebook)

Star Bright by Sheila Tracy (Ebook)

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Has a news story, perhaps of a horrendous murder, ever grabbed your attention so much so that you wanted to know all of the details, the who, what, where, when and why? So many times the why is never known. Star Bright gives you the thoughts of the characters. You'll know what is going through their minds and what drives their actions, and why and how people react to those actions, and the consequences that ensue. Star Bright is about Cassandra Carrington, a former child star who at age nineteen suddenly loses her mother due to a car accident. She finds herself being thrown into a world that up until that time she had been sheltered from. The story starts off at a low in Cassandra's life and follows her through the years as she finds friends and lovers, but also enemies. These enemies bring with them malice and violence. Also impacting her life are when dark secrets, both Cassandra's and her enemies, are revealed.

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Also available in Softcover.

Sheila Tracy (Standard Copyright Licence)
First Edition Ebook
February 20, 2016
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