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We Pay YOU - click here for details

We Pay YOU - click here for details

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Our Multi-author Anthologies– all royalties go to a specific charity – mutual marketing – building a fan base – $50 CDN now paid for accepted submissionsone copy free of the anthology (approx. $20 CDN retail value) and an authors' discount access for any you buy.   The book has a global distribution, with author bios on our website and in the book. The anthology is for sale on our website and via the charity as well. See anthologies in our complete catalogue. 

Accepted Book Manuscripts – We now pay author royalties based on the retail list price as per the Canadian industry standard. (10% softcover, 25% ebook/audiobook)  and our contract includes formatting a manuscript for print and/or ebook, publication including our label and ISBN.  Does not include editing or cover design. No fees for these services and Author royalties are paid to you on every book sold—global sales to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram and various ebook distributions. In addition, we will arrange author readings and sales opportunities with you and list your book on our website and a bio page for you. (We will also promote links to books you have published elsewhere on our website.)  Book Launch events and marketing beyond our website and standard events can be mentored; your participation will determine sales. A proof copy is free; you may purchase copies at an authors' discount. 

See Services to Help You Get Published for other assistance with your project.   



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