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Love and Cheese by Shannon McEwen (Ebook)

Love and Cheese by Shannon McEwen (Ebook)

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When you think about love poetry, what do you imagine? That kamikaze hurtling, rapid dropping sensation in the pit of your stomach from first glance to first kiss? Those first aching, need filled moments of new love where every one of your senses are heightened, and you can’t imagine existence without that person? This is love for sure. But what about love in the mundane? Those moments you wouldn’t even think twice about? In the grocery store, or on the morning commute: when you least expect it. Or here’s a crazy thought, have you gazed into the bathroom mirror lately and thought, I love this person? Open these pages and let the words enter your mind, rumble around and nestle in to stay a while. Allow you to reminisce, rejoice or wonder. The poetry of love may be cheesy, but in action, love is poetry.

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ISBN 978-1-387-17866-7
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Created: Aug 20, 2017
Modified: Oct 14, 2020

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