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Lalita's Power by RP Mickelson

Lalita's Power by RP Mickelson

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Lalita’s Power involves two main characters: Jack Turner and his daughter, Lalita Fitzgerald. Jack is a man who spends his whole life seeking the salvation of his soul. He’s charismatic, intelligent, creative, attractive and observant. Seeing the corruption of life in today’s society, he sets out on a journey of intense spiritual training, including many of the disciplines found in Buddhism and Christianity. He does this because he’s looking for a higher purpose in life, a purpose which would give him a profound sense of meaning. Along the way, he has many breakthroughs, insights and mini-satoris, enabling him to understand life deeply. Unfortunately, he’s a very flawed character, and his weaknesses inevitably block him from attaining the full measure of happiness he ultimately seeks. Lalita Fitzgerald is Jack’s daughter. She is able to rise to the highest levels of spiritual experience. Throughout her life, she’s blessed with innate healing gifts, influential teachers and mentors and the ability to make extraordinary sacrifices to achieve her true destiny. Lalita’s Power is the first book in the Mystical Healing Trilogy. The theme of all three books is that spiritual enlightenment is possible and results in powerful healing energies being released into the world—energies that are desperately needed today because our very civilization is at risk.

ISBN 978-1-927848-91-3  Soft cover. 

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