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Inspirational Short Stories by RP Mickelson

Inspirational Short Stories by RP Mickelson

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People in our modern Western culture search for happiness with unrelenting dedication. Despite that search, suffering persists due to our way of living: high levels of illness, depression, addictions, suicide, violence and the destruction of the natural world through climate change. We seek happiness desperately but are not finding it. The seventeen stories that comprise this book are my attempts to uncover, in various ways, why our seeking is so futile and how this syndrome can be transformed. The fundamental problem is not complex. We look for fulfillment in every way imaginable outside of the resources of our spiritual nature. In reality, we do not have to seek happiness because happiness is already present at the core of our own being--waiting patiently for us to wake up.

ISBN 978-1-927848-55-5  Soft cover.
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