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Hector by Chloe Cocking (Ebook)

Hector by Chloe Cocking (Ebook)

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"Honest, funny, timely little stories. Raw. These poems read as if composed of the broken speech scattered around the edges of a very big Quiet. Funny, insightful, playful and painful at times. Who is Hector? I'll let you find out." - Malcolm Van Delst, Author of Do the Wrong Thing "Cocking's poems are well-honed, like a scalpel. Sharp enough to slice cleanly to the heart; to dissect her subjects and lay them open for you to see their inner details." - Christine Grimard, Contributor to Saving Seeds "Hollering back at paltry domination, the poems in Hector transgress the fictions of now with rare and essential human things: truth, brilliance, thought and heart uncompromised. Here, intensities of knowledge & experience burst traditional confines and reset us, call us out, insist a world with all of us in it." - Shauna Paull, Author of roughened in undercurrent

ISBN 978-1-927848-41-8
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Created: Aug 14, 2019
Modified: Apr 23, 2020

Book, 46 Pages

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