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Professional Editing Services

Professional Editing Services

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Developmental Editing -  $50 per every 10,000 words - closely examines the structure and logical flow of the book, making sure that each chapter is relevant to the book and in the correct order, that each section or scene within each chapter leads nicely into the next, and that the reader is guided easily along from paragraph to paragraph. The editor focuses on the structure and often includes many comments and questions in the margins, may recommend moving large sections of text around, adding headings or dividers between sections or scenes, deleting sentences and paragraphs, and requesting additional explanations throughout the manuscript.

Copy Editing -  $50 per every 5,000 words. The editor ensures that the paragraphs and sentences read consistently and smoothly in the author's unique voice. Sometimes referred to as "line editing," this phase assumes that the book's structure is intact at this point and does not include any "big picture" suggestions. Instead, each sentence is reviewed for variety, fluidity, word choice, repetition, and clarity in a way that's both polished and authentic to the author's voice. The editor rewords sentences, substitutes suggested words or phrases, inserts commas and punctuation, recommends consistent style choices, and requests additional clarifications throughout the manuscript.

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