The E&N Escape by P.N. Holland  (EBook)

The E&N Escape by P.N. Holland (EBook)

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Three teens are caught in an adventure for survival between their time, the past, and the future. From their first encounter with the mysterious woman with purple eyes, Billy, Ricky, and Sarah must use their magic and seer abilities to hunt down and overpower the Magician, who has caused widespread destruction through time and space. Volume 3 of The Vancouver Island Mysteries Series.
Contributor Notes (44 / 2500)
Cover design by Danny Weeds

FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure
FICTION / Fantasy / Dragons & Mythical Creatures
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth
E&N Railway, time travel, fantasy, dragons, magicians, Vancouver Island
Young Adult - Teen fiction and nonfiction, age range 12-20

ISBN  978-1-927848-87-6
Published  Jul 24, 2023
Book, 177 Pages