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Daring Decisions by Dorothea L. Gordon

Daring Decisions by Dorothea L. Gordon

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In Daring Decisions, author Dorothea L Gordon explores how different sexual attitudes affect one particular family. The woman is heterosexual, the man bisexual, and there’s a gay man in the picture as well. The reader witnesses how the divorced heroine learns to embrace love relationships in their different forms, including one she previously refused to consider.

After German psychology student Lotti Seidel meets the love of her life in Canadian military doctor Joseph LeBoutillier, she follows him to Canada. But Joe has a secret and after twenty years, Lotti discovers it. She thrown him out in a fit of pain-induced rage and refuses all contact with him for many years after.
Now, at fifty-seven, she is a successful court-qualified handwriting expert. Her career is everything she dreamed of but her love life is still in shambles. Craving intimacy she gets involved with unsuitable men and all of her relationships go down in flames.

Family events force Lotti to meet Joe again and their feelings for each other become impossible to ignore. Lotti and Joe are still deeply connected, and his husband, Michel, is more than willing to share. When Joe almost dies in an accident, Lotti gradually discovers how much she still loves him. Now she must choose between the conventional life she always thought she wanted and a relationship that has the potential to break her heart—or heal it.

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