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When Life Has Other Plans - Discover the Hidden Gifts by Dorothea L. Gordon

When Life Has Other Plans - Discover the Hidden Gifts by Dorothea L. Gordon

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Adversity as a Force for Growth and Evolution

This memoir tells Dorothea's true story as a woman whose Life Force had other plans than she had for herself.

After leaving her native Bavaria (Germany) for her husband’s home on the Canadian Pacific West Coast, Dorothea enters a world that nothing had prepared her for. She is unexpectedly introduced to her spiritual gifts via handwriting analysis, past life regressions, communications from and with the Spirit World, and spontaneous healing of a client.

On her way through the maze of adversity she encounters many challenges which she later recognizes as hidden gifts. They range from a special child and a failed marriage to a nervous breakdown, cancer, a stroke, and serious accidents. These experiences force Dorothea to get rid of her old belief systems and reinvent herself - she realizes that her life’s purpose lies in the field of integrative healing and educating. Her new insights guide her from unconscious stumbling to conscious creation, and she learns that Life has been on her side all along.

In this inspirational memoir Dorothea shares her gifts of personal growth with her readers so they, too, can experience the beauty of spiritual awareness and discover how to apply it in their daily lives.

If you're trying to make sense of the many challenges in your life and are ready to embrace fresh perspectives, read this book!

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