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Alone by K.B. Horricks-King

Alone by K.B. Horricks-King

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When my family line first started in its current form over a thousand years ago, we were still technically human. We had a couple of extras, but we flew under the radar of the Hunters. They understood that some people were a little different, but not shifters, vampires, demons, or other beings. It has just been the last couple of generations that we have been hunted, and all because my grandmother fell in love with an angel.

We have been running, hiding, fighting to survive for years, but things are about to change – I can feel it. The universe is shifting, and the Hunters are finally going to get their due.

All our mother told us (or me at least) is that our father was a half-breed like her but from the 'dark' end of the supernatural spectrum. He was born of a vampire's line and cursed us to a life of bloodlust and misery.

ISBN 9781927848265   Soft cover.

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