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Publishing Services

Publishing Services

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Book Cover Design.  $30 per hour and/or design of related promotional items.  

Formatting of the manuscript for print and/or ebook. $20 per hour

Proofreading final manuscript.  $25 per hour - looks specifically at punctuation, spelling, grammar, and internal consistency. If a word is capitalized or italicized in Chapter 3, that same word should appear exactly the same later in Chapter 9, for instance. If the book uses references, the editor ensures that all references are formatted consistently. If the book uses any headings or dividers, those are consistently applied throughout the book. A good proofread sets up for a seamless, professional quality design of the manuscript as a print file.

Publication of book(s) under Filidh Publication Corp., Filidh Books imprints. Includes ISBN assignment and logo placement. Copyright remains with the author. $10 upon approval

Beta Readers.   Gratuity preferred. Depends on availability. Provides brief written feedback.

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