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   Cracks in my soul by Shannon McEwen
Open this book and read between the lines. Slip between the pages and enter my mind. Even I'm not sure what you'll find. In every poem I have place an infinitesimal piece of my soul. I see everything in words. From every sight, every emotion, every experience. Words fill me, sing to me, console me and move me forward. My words may take you into the darkness where ominous thing await, but before long they will sweep you in the shadows, to contemplate the meaning of it all. then when you are at a crossroads, soft light may break through to embrace you. The journey is up to you. After you've read, you'll breathe just a little sigh that you're at the end. but beware my friend, words have a way of soaking in and hanging on. So enter if you dare...Purchase here

     Alone By K.B. Horricks-King 
When my family line first started in its current form over a thousand years ago, we were still technically human. We had a couple of extras, but we flew under the radar of the Hunters. They understood that some people were a little different but not shifters, vampires, demons, or other beings. It has just been the last couple of generations that we have been hunted, and all because my grandmother fell in love with an angel. We have been running, hiding, fighting to survive for years, but things are about to change – I can feel it. The universe is shifting, and the Hunters are finally going to get their due. All our mother told us (or me at least) is that our father was a half-breed like her, but from the 'dark' end of the supernatural spectrum. He was born of a vampire's line, and cursed us to a life of bloodlust and misery Purchase here

     Star Bright by Sheila Tracy     
Star Bright is about Cassandra Carrington, a former child star who at age nineteen suddenly loses her mother due to a car accident. She finds herself being thrown into a world that up until that time she had been sheltered from. The story starts off at a low in Cassandra's life and follows her through the years as she finds friends and lovers, but also enemies. These enemies bring with them malice and violence. Also impacting her life are when dark secrets, both Cassandra's and her enemies, are revealed.
 Purchase here

   Bright Light by Monique Jacob

The Trimble brothers have terrorized Riley Mason since fifth grade. High school hasn’t changed anything. When they ambush Riley and his dog there’s no escape, and Lulu may not survive the vicious beating. Riley needs help to save her but alien abduction isn’t the rescue he had in mind.Now Riley and Lulu are on a journey through space and time.  But on a ship full of exotic creatures, Riley is the alien and one thing is soon made clear -- bullies come in all shapes and species. Purchase here
       The Jagged Tree by Kristoffer Law

Alan has what appears to be the perfect life. His own house on the beach in the quiet town of Shallot’s Cove. A thriving coffee shop and bookstore. Then, on the morning of his 34th birthday, a single phone call changes everything… His mother, Beverly Black, is discovered buried under a gnarled old apple tree in her own backyard. Everything he’s ever known, everything he’s grown up believing to be true, is left ripped to shreds. Now, Alan must risk everything – even the lives of his friends – in a race against time to try to stop his mother's killer…because he’s next. Purchase here

      The UnValentine Anthology
by Filidh Publishing Authors

A collection of short stories by A.B. King, Brianna Kempe, Jessie Blair, Katie Horricks-King, Kelly Duff, Kristoffer Law, Monique Jacob, Pam Desjardine, Peninah Rost, Ron Kearse, S.M. King, Thomas Keesman, Vince Galati and Zoe Duff.  All stories featuring an unusual love story. Proceeds of sales of this book go PEERS Victoria. Purchase here

    Just Outside of Hope by Ron Kearse  

This sequel to Road Without End tells two more stories of the lives of gay men who lived through the early years of the 80’s, from the Prairies to the pubs, bathhouses and nude beaches of Vancouver, British Columbia. Purchase here

    Invisible Girl by Cherise Craney 

Maeve Lynch is a young girl who struggles with multiple disabilities. Invisible Girl is the story about one family's love and perseverance in the face of classism, ableism, and judgement.Purchase here

      Love Alternatively Expressed by Zoe Duff  
The story of a woman who, along with her partners, has been a Canadian public face for the cause of legal recognition for the loving poly (polyamory)families who raise healthy children in homes where many adults share one love. Purchase here