Zoe Duff

Zoe is author of books in an assortment of genre including "The Tantra of Chimera" (short stories/erotica, 2004), "A Matter of Perspective" (novel,2009), "Words that went Unspoken: Vision of Two Hearts" (poetry, 2006), "Love Alternatively Expressed - the scoop on practicing polyamory in Canada" (non-fiction, 2014) and several children's titles (see our other website filidhbooks4kids.com). Zoe also has two stories in each of "Anthology for a Green Planet" (2014) , "The UnValentine Anthology" (2015) and "Blood Moon Rising Anthology" (2016) . Follow Zoe on twitter on Facebook Zoe Duff (author) and at zoe-duff-author.com