Rate Card


- Reviews of incomplete manuscripts and works in progress with advice and recommendations for authors who would like to publish that first book. Maximum of 10.000 words in a word document format. $10 per submission.

- Retail sales of books not published by Filidh Publishing at our various conference vendors' booths and via our website. 45% of retail price

- Editorial review of a manuscript that was not professionally approved. (and that's not by your cousin who reads alot). $25/hour.

- Book cover design. Promotional items design. $25/hour or as negotiated.

-CONTRACTED SERVICES - included in a publication contract with us.

- commission fees are negotiable and are only payable at time of sale of each copy of the book.

- Unsolicited Manuscripts: Submissions of completed book manuscripts (final edit) in an electronic format (ie Word .docx) accepted for publication contract consideration. Attach sample chapters #3 and #10 to an email which includes a brief (500 word max) summary of the concept of the work. Adult fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Youth/Young Adult fiction or non-fiction. Not accepting children's picture books currently. Email to publishing@filidhbooks.com Please provide the name and credentials of the editor who has approved your work.

- Formatting for print. Book cover design assistance.

- Publication of books under Filidh Publication, Filidh Books and FilidhBooks4Kids imprints.

- Mentoring: Networking assistance for authors to illustrators, editors and other resources to complete and promote their work and themselves. Retail sale of books published by Filidh Publishing at various events and assistance to find events to sign, sell and promote the book and the author.

- Wholesale Sales of books published by Filidh Publishing online and to retail outlets via distribution partners at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, ibookstore, nook, itunes, Kindle, Kobo.

- We reserve the right to refuse to publish any work submitted as they must meet our standards of quality and potential sales. Authors must purchase copies of the book to sell and we do not advance editorial or art design fees, pay travel, or otherwise subsidize authors. We will assist you to promote yourself within your travel time restrictions and budget. Writing the book is the easy part. The work really begins once you are published. We are pleased to help you get there.