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Sales and Marketing Services

Sales and Marketing Services

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Author and Book Promoted on our website - Books listed for sale in all available versions connected to their author bio page with a link to their own website.

In-Person and Online events -  multiple events throughout the year to sell books, promote authors and encourage submissions via contests.  Vendor's booth at assorted conferences, trade shows and our own events in various venues locally and across Canada. 

Writers' Open Mic -  in-person events in local venues where writers read their work and there is a prize for audience favourite. YouTube recordings of Twitch live streams with writers reading and discussing their work.

Don't Say Maybe Podcast - focuses on people who achieve their goals and the processes they use.  iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud   Writers are often interview subjects.

Social Media promotion - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Retail sale of books published by Filidh Publishing at various events and assistance to find events to sign, sell and promote the book and the author.  Author receives 10% of retail sales.

Wholesale Sales of books published by Filidh Publishing online and to retail outlets via distribution partners at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, ibookstore, Nook, itunes, Kindle, Kobo. Author receives 5% of wholesale sales. 

Retail sales of books not published by Filidh Publishing at our various conference vendors' booths and via our website.  We charge 40% of the retail price. 

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