Dreaming Gods of Gaia by Cherokee Freechild (Ebook)

Dreaming Gods of Gaia by Cherokee Freechild (Ebook)

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A Novel of Dystopian Speculative Fiction: In this alternative timeline, the Confederate States of America is the only free nation left in a world ruled by Commies and Corpses (a/k/a Companies and Corporations). A journalist dabbling in Sex Magick gets more action than he had bargained for.
"This reads like a romance novel." – Cherokee's roommate
"Why do you keep writing things that upset your brother?" – Cherokee's mom
"You are either for us or against us." – W. Bush
"There are some very fine people on both sides." – Donald Trump
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" – Bill Clinton
"Just say know." – Timothy Leary

ISBN 978-1-927848-48-7
Version 2 | ID v7jn84
Created: Mar 11, 2021
Modified: May 1, 2021

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