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Volume 1, Issue 2

June 2024

Welcome to the Second Issue of Our Newsletter


We hope to keep you posted on local events, inspire you to read emerging authors, review your next great read and share tips and opportunities to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the Canadian literary community.



Friendly Authors Networking Socials (FANS) 2

Author Bio of the Month 3

Excerpt of the Month 4

Salt Spring Island Pride  5

The Elevator Pitch  6

Points to Ponder  7

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Friendly Authors Networking Socials (F.A.N.S.)


In response to requests, we will be hosting gatherings for authors who are published and interested in networking with other authors. To learn and share insights on sales, networking, branding and other things that may facilitate income and possibly collaboration on future writing projects and events. It is not a writers' group but more a writers' 2.0 group. What is next, and how do I get these boxes of books into the hands of readers? Let's chat, share tips and learn from and with each other. 


The next F.A.N.S. Gathering:

Saturday July 13, 2024, from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM

Quality Foods- Upstairs Café, 

Eagle Creek Village Shopping Centre, View Royal

Bring your elevator speech and copies of the books you’d like reviewed.




Author Bio This Month:

Sébastien Streit

Sébastien Streit passionately pursues many creative outlets in his spare time. Poetry is a form of expression which he has become quite attached to. As a cathartic release, it has helped him through the plethora of emotions a person confronts on a daily basis. Having always loved playing with words, it is only natural that he finds himself writing in verse. He believes there are many ways to enjoy a poem. Reading it silently in one's head, reading it aloud, and, best of all, having someone else read it aloud. Sébastien hopes everyone can gain something from reading his work and encourages any sort of feedback. Dancing With Fire (2023) is his second book of poetry. A Place for the Broken (2022) was his first book. His short story, Pulling Weeds, appears in The Platinum Collection (2023)

Excerpt of the Month


A Dance With Fire by Sébastien Streit

A poetic collection from one who has played with the fire of addiction and dedicated to

Those whose vision is

Clouded by pain,

Anger, and



Will cleanse

Our tumultuous souls

Which dance between states

Of sadness and pure ecstasy.

(This book is a sequel to A Place for the Broken which describes a journey of recovery from addiction. A Dance With Fire embraces the joy of renewed life and the struggle of maintaining recovery. Very strong and heartfelt poems. Available from


Filidh Publishing at Salt Spring Island Pride!

Yes, Salt Spring Island Pride takes place from July 25 th to the 28 th , and Filidh Publishing has been invited to take part! The action will be taking place at the Islands Farmers Institute, 351 Rainbow Road, just outside of Ganges, between 11 AM and 10 PM every day of the weekend. We will have a kiosk for most of the weekend if you plan on being there. Please drop by the and say hello, better yet, buy a book or two, and get some swag!

Salt Spring Island Pride

The Elevator Pitch

“What’s your book about?”

It’s the dreaded question. You want everyone to read your book but as soon as they ask what it’s about, you embark on a rambling and desperate journey through the story. While trying to showcase your best scenes, you end up taking wild side trips through the plot and your listener is soon lost with no clear view of their destination.

But there is plenty of help out there. Countless writers have taken this trip before, and some have been kind enough to share their itineraries with their fellow travelers. Here is what three of them have to say about the elevator pitch:

  • 1. “An elevator pitch is a sales pitch so short that you could sell your wonderful idea to agents or publishers while riding the elevator with them. Ideally, when they step out of the elevator, they will be so engaged with your idea that they will want to hear more about it.”

For the full article:

  • 2. “Authors often want help writing a pitch for an agent or editor, but those are only two people you’ll be pitching. You’ll be talking about your book to regular folks in parks and airplanes for a long time, so a good pitch is essential for as long as you want to sell your book. It’s also essential for the media. If you want to be interviewed on a podcast, YouTube channel, radio show, or TV, you’ll need a short persuasive pitch.”

For the full article:

  • 3. “A good pitch is a specific description of what actually happens in your novel. It’s a one sentence description of the plot, not the theme. Coming of age is a really vague theme that can apply to thousands of stories so it ends up telling us extremely little about your novel. Those are completely wasted words in a one sentence pitch.”

For the full article:

There are many more places you could visit on your quest for the perfect elevator pitch but these three will get you started. Each article has tips and examples (and links to other great resources) to help you weave your best words into that short, snappy sentence. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can build on those words and create a synopsis for when they ask for more…because they will, once they’ve heard your perfectly crafted pitch!

Good Luck and Bon Voyage!

Monique LeBlanc

Points To Ponder

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