Filidh Publihsing Anthology Authors

AB King

("Blood Moon Rising Anthology: Chasing the Dream") ("The UnValentine Anthology: Fuzzy") AB has appeared at our Victoria Double Dog Authors' Tour events . He is a prairie boy relocated to beautiful Vancouver Island to write and ponder the world from the perspective of his spawn and their spawn.

Astra Crompton

("Blood Moon Rising Anthology: Primal Crusades - Catharsis") ("Anthology for a Green Planet: Dumpster Garden" and "The Shore") Astra appears regularly at our Victoria Double Dog Authors' Tour events . Astra Crompton is an artist, author and creator based in Victoria, Canada. Using multiple mediums to bring her visions and worlds to life, she has been creating for over twenty years. She brings a diverse approach to creative consulting, holistically coaching others' projects to create a richer, more polished end product. Learn more at

Brianna Kempe

("Blood Moon Rising Anthology: Lilith's Devotion") ("The UnValentine Anthology: Leather Bound Love") Brianna is an honorary Canadian who lives in Ohio, USA. She holds a Bachelor of Creative Writing from Miami University. Brianna writes when she can balancing it with work, motherhood and volunteering.

Gordon Henderson

(Anthology for a Green Planet: Goblin Warming) has appeared at our Victoria Double Dog Authors' Tour events. He has lived in Victoria his entire life really wouldn't want to live anywhere else. He is an avid writer and this is his first published piece.

Janilee Porter-Hirshe

("Blood Moon Rising Anthology: (Poems) The Mormon Elder's Shadow, Master, Gaslit, Unbearable, No One Won, Sorrow Song, Autumn Run, A Word With Myself, Soul Remembering"). Janilee has been a resident of many Canadian cities, most recently in BC, she currently lives in Bolivia and is an Eco/Voluntourism Entrepeneur. She has a Masters (MA) in Conflict Management & Prevention: Ethnic, Polictical & Security Issues and is currently working on a book about recovering from domestic violence in the wilds of Bolivia.

Josh MacLeod

("Anthology for a Green Planet: The Tale of the Eldest") - Herein is the record of Josh MacLeod: male, mid-thirties, this is his second published piece. He suspects that his greatest contribution to being green will be when his ashes are spread over the earth when he dies to act as a fertilizer for new life but is in no hurry to test this theory out.

Kelly Duff

("The UnValentine Anthology: S.M.A") Kelly has loved reading and writing since she was a little girl. "S.M.A." is her first published short story. Kelly lives in Victoria, BC with her twin sister and their three cats. Kelly is a regular at our Double Dog Dare author readings.

Kenton Moore

("Blood Moon Rising Anthology: The First") Kenton loves to tell stories and has been writing since the age of 16. He has explored screenwriting for film and animation; writing for comic books; writing books and short stories. He has a few journalism credits, a children's novella, "Legend of the Sun Prince", and a blog/magazine, "Great Northern Gothic". See more of Kenton's work on Facebook @KentonMooreBooks.

Kristoffer Law

("The UnValentine Anthology: Happy Anniversary") Kristoffer has been an avid reader since the age of three, and his love of the written word is boundless. "Happy Anniversary" is his first published short story. He has since also published a novel, "The Jagged Tree", and is working on a sequel called "The 4th Wall". He lives in Victoria with his lovely wife Risa and their cat, Jana. Kristoffer has read his work at our Double Dog Dare author readings since moving back to Victoria.

Pam Desjardine

("The UnValentine Anthology: Chance Encounter") Pam was born in Whitehorse, Yukon and travelled much as a child, returning to the north as an adult to reclaim her roots. Pam has been writing stories and poetry since Junior High School and has a keen interest in indigenous practices including mysticism, shamanism, traditional food and medicine cultures. She currently lives in Kelowna with her daughter, also a budding author. Pam was a regular at our Double Dog Dare author readings in Victoria before they moved.

Peninah Rost

("The UnValentine Anthology: Beyond Ornately Carved Doors") Peninah is a recovering teacher who has just returned to Victoria after living in the Kootneys for several years. Her idea of a good time is to visit a Farmers' Market, soak in a hot spring or hole up in a coffee shop and tap away at her laptop, preferably all three in one day. Peninah is working on a novel called "Help Wanted" from which this short story is a deleted scene. Peninah was a regular of our Double Dog Dare author readings in Victoria and we hope that continues now that she has returned.

S.M. King

(The UnValentine Anthology: Vide Cor Meum") S.M. is a wonderful lady with a very drole sense of humour who lives in Saskatchewan. Her favourite saying is: "In face of the age of the universe, all this means NOTHING." She finds this allows her to put aside false notions of relevancy and misplaced urges to leave a legacy, and simply enjoy every breath and every smile.

S.R.M. Duff

("Blood Moon Rising Anthology: Not A Love Story") S.R.M. lives in Victoria, BC with his cat, Baghera (Bags). He has always been a curious observer of human nature and enjoys laughing at life's little absurdities. "Not A Love Story" is his first published work.

Thomas Keesman

("Blood Moon Rising Anthology: A Republic of Dogs", "The Great Seattle Progress of 1874") ("The UnValentine Anthology: The Farmer Takes A Wife") Thomas has been a constant reader since early childhood. At twelve, he decided to write science fiction. Now retired from provincial public service, he finally gets to do just that. His first novel, "Extraordinaire" was published in 2013. His current project is a collection of linked short stories. Keesman lives in Victoria, BC. and is a regular at our Double Dog Dare author reading events in Victoria.

Vince Galati

("Anthology for a Green Planet: In the Cold") ("The UnValentine Anthology: A Dream Infernal")- Vince is originally from Ontario but now lives in Courtney, BC with his girlfriend. He’s father to a wonderful young man and has finally set out to take his sense of humour and storytelling expertise to the printed word. We presented the Double Dog Dare events and he rose to the challenge. His stories in our first two anthologies are his first published works and we hear there’s a novel in progress. He was a regular at our Victoria DDD events prior to their move to Courtney.

Werner Roberts

("Anthology for a Green Planet: Dear Diary 12032013+) - Werner is just a guy living on an island in the Pacific with an ancient cat who drools when he sleeps and a twelve year old son who loves to wake the cat. He says that the best job he ever had was being a father. And referee. He writes. He reads. He is a lifelong martial artist who bemoans the death of chivalry. Soldier, sailor, mushed dog sleds in races, travelled nine hundred and fifty miles by canoe. Several times. Regular, average guy.