Come hear local published author, Kristoffer Law read from his new novel The Jagged Tree March 13, 2015 from 7:00pm at Solstice Cafe, 529 Pandora Avenue in Victoria, BC!
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       The Jagged Tree by Kristoffer Law

Alan has what appears to be the perfect life. His own house on the beach in the quiet town of Shallot’s Cove. A thriving coffee shop and bookstore. Then, on the morning of his 34th birthday, a single phone call changes everything… His mother, Beverly Black, is discovered buried under a gnarled old apple tree in her own backyard. Everything he’s ever known, everything he’s grown up believing to be true, is left ripped to shreds. Now, Alan must risk everything – even the lives of his friends – in a race against time to try to stop his mother's killer…because he’s next.

      The UnValentine Anthology by Filidh Publishing Authors

A collection of short stories by A.B. King, Brianna Kempe, Jessie Blair, Katie Horricks-King, Kelly Duff, Kristoffer Law, Monique Jacob, Pam Desjardine, Peninah Rost, Ron Kearse, S.M. King, Thomas Keesman, Vince Galati and Zoe Duff.  All stories featuring an unusual love story. Proceeds of sales of this book go PEERS Victoria.

    Just Outside of Hope by Ron Kearse  

This sequel to Road Without End tells two more stories of the lives of gay men who lived through the early years of the 80’s, from the Prairies to the pubs, bathhouses and nude beaches of Vancouver, British Columbia

    Invisible Girl by Cherise Craney 

Maeve Lynch is a young girl who struggles with multiple disabilities. Invisible Girl is the story about one family's love and perseverance in the face of classism, ableism, and judgement.

      Love Alternatively Expressed by Zoe Duff  

The story of a woman who, along with her partners, has been a Canadian public face for the cause of legal recognition for the loving poly (polyamory)families who raise healthy children in homes where many adults share one love.

    Anthology for a Green Planet

A collection of short stories by Astra Crompton, Gordon Henderson, Jessie Blair, Josh MacLeod, Monique Jacob, Vince Galati, Werner Roberts and Zoe Duff.  All stories featuring various forms of green technology as an integral part of the plot. Proceeds of sales of this book go to a green business or charity as determined by the authors.

    Voodoo Mystery Tour By Monique Jacob  

Sequel to Tye Dye Voodoo, Voodoo Mystery Tour is a tale of small-town quirkiness, unsung heroes and dark mystery.  Drop in to Voodoo Café for a cup of tea and a psychic reading. Book a night at the Couch & Cot. Stay for the Mystery Tour weekend retreat.

    The Awakening of Ame by Venetia Black  

Erotic poetry and short stories tell the story of a sexual coming of age memoir as seen through the romantic and idealized eyes of the writer while in her early twenties. Ebook for sale at
Soft cover Edition also available from